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CVD Diamond Heat Sinks

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By now, CVD diamond heat sinks are the most heat conductive material, and the heat conductivity in normal temperature is 2000WK-1 m-1, which is five times as much as copper, even the heat conductivity is 1000WK-1 m-1, it also can be 4-6 times as much as normal ceramics. In heat management, natural diamond is used in some parts of microwave and laser diode. Because of limited resource, dimension and high cost , it hasn't been used widely. Today the CVD diamond heats sinks made by vapor deposition have the similar thermal properties to IIa natural diamond. The CVD diamond heat sinks can grow in large area has solved the diamond dimension limited problem.

Worldia is a professional CVD diamond heat sinks manufacturer in China. We offer a vast range of products, including PCD inserts, diamond drill, tungsten carbide supported diamond die blanks, PCBN blank, glass cutting machine and more.

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