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Diamond Cutter Axle

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  • PCD/PCBN Grooving Insert
  • PCD/PCBN Grooving Insert

Features of Diamond Cutter Axle
1. The diamond cutter axle features high precision. The precision of its abrasive resistance, cylindricity, diameter and length has been strictly examined.
2. The strong suitability of the scribing wheel and the axle reduces the friction between them.
3. The diamond cutter axle has long service life. It can also prolong the service life of the scribing wheel and guarantee stable cutting quality.

1. The diamond cutter axle is suitable for diamond scribing wheels of different specifications.
2. As a kind of high precision wear resistant part, the diamond cutter axle can be used in precision mechanical equipment including high precision bearings, high precision instruments and intelligent robots.

Technical Specifications
Description Specification
D(mm) L (mm) A(°) a(°) Coaxiality (μm) Cylindricity (μm) Roughness (μm)
Diamond cutter axle 0.80 0.50 120 45 5.00 2.00 0.20
1.00 0.80
1.10 0.80
1.20 0.80
1.30 1.20
1.40 1.30

The diamond cutter axle uses high quality PCD made by Element Six and Sumitomo.

The diamond cutter axle is packaged in a plastic case.

As a specialized diamond cutter axle manufacturer in China, Worldia provides an extensive line of products, including glass cutting tool, diamond die blank, PCBN blank, CVD diamond tool, and more.

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