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Carbide Scribing Wheel

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  • PCD/PCBN Grooving Insert

Features of Carbide Scribing Wheel
1. Carbide scribing wheel uses special tungsten alloy material. It is manufactured with unique high precision processing technology.

2. The special tungsten alloy material, which is made by Osaka Nikken Dia Co., Ltd., can guarantee the cutting quality and service life of the carbide scribing wheel.

3. Compared with similar tungsten carbide scribing wheel, the carbide scribing wheel has higher cutting quality and longer service life.

The carbide scribing is used in low end LCD panel like STN and TN, substrate glass and glass tube of touch screens.

Technical Specifications
Description Specification
OD(mm) ID(mm) T(mm) V(°)
Carbide Scribing Wheel 1.20 0.50 0.65 60-163
2.00 0.80 0.65
2.50 0.80 0.65
3.00 0.80 0.65
3.20 1.20 0.65
4.00 1.30 0.65
5.00 1.40 0.65
6.00 1.50 0.65

The carbide scribing wheel uses high quality tungsten alloy materialmade by Sumitomo and its specially made tungsten carbide material.

As a China based carbide scribing wheel manufacturer, our company also provides high penetration diamond scribing wheel, Nikken glass pliers, PCD inserts, tungsten carbide supported diamond die blanks, and more.

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