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We are Glass Cutting Tools, PCD/PCBN Cutting Tools, Diamond Die Blanks Manufacturer in China

Beijing Worldia Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is located in China, and is a professional manufacturer of the glass cutting tool, PCD/PCBN cutting tool and diamond die blank. We are dedicated to researching and developing advanced production technologies and equipment in addition to manufacturing a wide variety of super hard cutting tools. We are the only manufacturer in China to provide many of the PCD/PCBN cutting tools we produce, and they are not only popular here, but are among the top-ranked in the industry worldwide. And also, we have won numerous patents.

  • High Penetration Diamond Scribing Wheel
  • High Penetration Diamond Scribing WheelThe high penetration diamond scribing wheel has a sharp cutting edge and precise cutting angle. The diamond scribing wheel can cut glasses with vertical and smooth sections and it will not cause chips of glass during cutting process.
    The denticles are distributed regularly and equally.
    Compared with the average diamond scribing wheel, the high penetration diamond scribing wheel ...
  • PCBN Inserts
  • PCBN InsertsWith the advantages of high abrasive resistance, high processing precision, good thermal conductivity and long service life, the PCBN insert meets the international standard of ISO.
    The PCBN insert can realize high speed cutting and hard material cutting with high work efficiency, and also can facilitate fast clamping.
    Our PCBN insert can be used repeatedly so it can lower your processing cost.
  • PCD Inserts
  • PCD Inserts The PCD insert cutting edge is sharp, it can realize high speed cutting and hard material cutting with high work efficiency and facilitate fast clamping.
    It can be used repeatedly, which helps to lower your processing cost.
    The PCD insert can be used in many fields including aviation, the car industry, energy equipment, and the wood and stone industry. It can be used to cut and process different materials such as nonferrous ...
  • PCD Milling Tool
  • PCD Milling ToolThe PCD milling tool features high processing precision, high processing efficiency, high hardness, high abrasive resistance, high thermal conductivity and strong toughness, it has advantages over the average hard alloy milling tool.
    It can realize high speed cutting and hard material cutting.
    Our PCD milling tool has a long service life. Its service life is 10 to 20 times that of a hard alloy ...
  • Tungsten Carbide Supported Diamond Die Blanks
  • Tungsten Carbide Supported Diamond Die Blanks Our tungsten carbide supported diamond die blanks is manufactured by means ofcold pressing insertion. It is produced by the same principle as the manufacturing of Sumitomo die blank, but its manufacturing technology and the specification of the die blank are different from those of Sumitomo. To guarantee the quality of the PCD material, the PCD has been sintered in advance and has passed various processing and testing. In this way, the structure defects of the PCD material can be avoided...
  • Self-Supported Diamond Die Blanks
  • Self-Supported Diamond Die Blanks The Self-Supported diamond die blanks has a regular and compact microstructure and a long service life.
    It is easy grinding, easy polishing and high smooth finish.
    Our Self-Supported diamond die blanks is particularly suitable for high speed wire drawing....
  • Laminate Flooring PCD Saw Blade
  • Laminate Flooring PCD Saw Blade Our laminate flooring pcd saw blade uses imported high quality alloy tool steel body. Combined with both design and production process of laminate flooring pcd saw blade from Japan and Germany to guarantee consistence and tool life of products. The laminate flooring pcd saw blade can be used for un-molded laminated flooring...
  • CVD Diamond Wafer
  • CVD Diamond WaferThe thick of our CVD diamond wafer is 0.3-3mm, and the maximum diameter is 200mm. It can be used in machine cutters, diamond dressers, diamond wire drawing die blanks, electronic components, heat spreaders and other fields. According to different usages, this CVD diamond wafer can meet the customers' extent needs in abrasion ratio, fracture resistance, purity, thermal conductivity, and so on.

We are not only the sole Chinese diamond scribing wheel manufacturer in the country, but we are one of the three high-penetration diamond scribing wheel producers in the world. Due to superior performance and high precision, the Worldia diamond scribing wheel is extensively used for precise cutting of high-end TFT-LCD, CSTN-LCD, STN-LCD panels and glass substrates, LCD panels, LCD touch screens, as well as glass sheets for precision electronic instruments and automobiles. Our products are not only preferred by well-known Chinese LCD manufacturers, but they are also gaining popularity in Japan, South Korea, the US and other countries.

Through the use of unique design and special manufacturing techniques, we at Worldia are able to produce high precision, high quality cutting tools which are leading products in the carbon cutter and many other cutting tool industries. Currently, our high precision cutting tools are being increasingly used in many fields, such as new composite materials, tungsten carbide, fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), rollers, auto parts, stone engraving, and more. Other products we provide include a lapping and polishing machine, diamond glass cutter, PCD/PCBN insert, PCD/PCBN external turning tool, PCD/PCBN threading tool, and many others. Customized, complete cutting solutions are also available at Worldia .

Precision grinding and polishing technologies and special cold press fit techniques are creatively applied to producing a diamond die blank, which is highly sought after by both domestic and overseas customers. We have first-class technologies for superhard materials processing, providing high precision lapping and polishing, laser cutting, rework, as well as OEM/ODM services of diamond cutting tools for famous PCD/PCBN blank and PDC cutter manufacturers in Southeast Asia and Western countries, among others.

Our modern factory covers an area of 6,000 square meters and is completely equipped with advanced manufacturing machines, including COBORN and FARMAN sharpening machine for PCD/PCBN tools, precision laser cutting machines, large lapping and polishing machines, FANUC electric discharge machines (EDM), and machine tools.

We are ISO9001:2008 approved and have a strict, complete product quality inspection system. Using superior testing devices such as ultrasonic C-scanners imported from the US, universal tool microscopes, etc., our highly experienced, specialized technicians can ensure that only the highest quality and reliable products are received by our customers.

We focus on environmental protection and make large investments in the R&D of new products and technologies. The staff at Worldia will continue to be devoted to being a modern, international enterprise through consistent improvement of our products and service.